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Fahad Mustafa Wife – Sana Fahad PICS – Sana Fahad | Fahad Mustafa’s real name is Fahad Salahuddin. He is a famous personality of Pakistan. Fahad Mustafa is a Pakistani drama, film actor, and model. He also produces many Pakistani dramas. Fahad is best known for his television show ‘Jaito Pakistan’ and that is why people know him so well.

Fahad Mustafa is a very famous personality of the Pakistan showbiz industry. He is the son of Pakistani actor, Salahuddin Tunio. His father is also a celebrity and he has acted in many famous dramas and films. But the fame that Fahad Mustafa has gained is not gained by his father either.

Nowadays, Fahad Mustafa is not acting but he is producing many dramas for ARY Digital. At the same time, he is hosting his most popular TV show ‘Jaito Pakistan’. The position that Fahad Mustafa has achieved at such a young age that such a position is very rare.

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Fahad Mustafa Wife

Fahad Mustafa’s wife’s name is Sana Fahad. Sana Fahad goes into the Pakistan showbiz industry as a producer and writer. Sana Fahad started working as a producer after her marriage in 2005. When Sana Fahad and Fahad Mustafa got married, Fahad was not very famous. He was known only because of his father.

Sana Fahad was born in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. She received her education in Karachi. She completed her education at the Baqai Medical University, Karachi. You may be surprised to know that Fahad Mustafa and Sana Fahad studied together at the same university.

Fahad Mustafa Wife Pics

Fahad Mustafa Wedding
Fahad Mustafa Wife Pics
Fahad Mustafa Wife
Fahad Mustafa Wife 1
Fahad Mustafa With Wife
Sana Fahad Mustafa
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Fahad Mustafa Wife
Fahad Mustafa Wife
Sana Fahad Fahad Mustafa Wife
Fahad Mustafa Wife Pics
Moosa Fahad & Fatima Fahad
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