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Mein Hari Piya Drama Cast – Story – Timing – OST – Teasers – Ary Digital | Mein Hari Piya is a new beginning drama on ARY Digital. Even before this drama, ARY Digital has aired many super hit dramas in 2021 including ‘Berukhi, Ishq Hai’, and also new dramas are being aired on ARY which is very much liked by the viewers. These dramas include ‘Amanat & Mere Apne‘.

Mein Hari Piya Drama is also a new and big project in which Sami Khan, Hira Mani, and Sumbal Iqbal are playing the lead roles. This is a talented and excellent cast. Earlier, Sami Khan has become very popular thanks to his play ‘Mohalat’.

All the information about the Mein Hari Piya drama including the cast, story, OST song, timing, and release date of the drama is provided in this article. We hope you enjoy the information.

Mein Hari Piya Drama Cast

Pakistan’s super hit actress Hira Mani is playing the lead role in the love drama while Sami Khan and Sumbal Iqbal will also be seen in the lead roles. The other cast also includes many celebrities from the Pakistan showbiz industry. All cast information is provided below.

Writer :Qaisara Hayat
Director :Syed Irshad Ali Arshi
Producer :Updating

Star Cast :

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Mein Hari Piya Drama Story

Mein Hari Piya Drama is a family drama that you can watch sitting with your family. The story of this drama is full of emotions and suspense. Hira Mani and Sami Khan are playing the lead roles in the Mein Hari Piya drama. In the drama, Sami Khan and Hira Mani are playing the role of a married couple.

In the Mein Hari Piya drama, Sami Khan and Hira Mani are a married couple but after marriage, they have no children, after which Hira tells her husband Sami Khan that she can never become a mother. After which Sami Khan’s family forces Sami Khan to remarry but Sami loves his wife so much that he does not want to remarry.

Hira Mani also loves her husband very much. She also doesn’t want Sami Khan not to remarry but in the end, she is forced to allow her husband to get married.
This drama has highlighted some of the family problems in our society.

Mein Hari Piya Drama Timing

The teasers of the Mein Hari Piya drama have been released by ARY Digital but ARY has not yet announced the date and time of the drama. We’ll update you here as soon as the date and time of the play are announced.

OST Of Mein Hari Piya

The song of the drama is fully ready but ARY has not released the song yet. The song is expected to be released this month on ARY Digital’s YouTube channel.

Sami Khan

Sami Khan is a famous Pakistani actor and model. He is known for his excellent acting. Sami Khan was born in Lahore on July 6, 1980. He has acted in many Pakistani dramas and films. He started his drama career on Pakistan’s National Television. His first play was ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ which was aired on PTV ( Pakistan’s National Television ).

Sami Khan’s best dramas include ‘Umm-e-Kulsoom, Ghaao, Mere Harjai, Barf, Ek Thi Paro, Sultanat-e-Dil, Kaanch Ki Guriya, Dhaani, Saraab, Dulhan, Phaans & Mohlat’.

Mein Hari Piya Drama Story

Hira Mani

Hira Mani is a Pakistani actress and model. She is an excellent actress. Hira is the wife of Saqib Sheikh, an actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Saqib Sheikh is known as Mani in Pakistani showbiz. Hira Mani did her first drama ‘Mohabbat’ in 2000.

He got his most fame from his play ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’. This drama was a super hit drama in Pakistan. Hira Mani’s other plays include ‘Love, Love, Mohabbatein Chahatein, Kashf, Galati, Mohabbat Na Kariyo, Dil Toh Bacha Hai, Do Bol, Bandish, Aangan & Dil Mom Ka Diya’.

Mein Hari Piya Drama Timing

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